Solar Winds

Providence Ends

The Solar Empire spans more than fifty galaxies and a hundred thousand years of history. Its military, economic, and industrial power can shape or destroy entire civilizations even beyond its own borders. Those who have seen its influence firsthand call these political tides the Solar Winds.

But in the Hourglass Galaxy resides a nation that stands against the wind, the Interstellar Combine. Now these two intergalactic superpowers are embroiled in a cold war for dominance of the region.

Simmonne, the carefree daughter of the Solar Emperor, is tasked with a public relations mission to welcome refugees fleeing Combine occupation. The enigmatic Robert Panzer, a metapsion of enormous telepathic and telekinetic abilities, is assigned as her protector. Frustrated by her inability to perceive his emotions, Simmonne is unaware that she might require protection from him most of all.

Within the Hourglass, newly minted Lieutenant Jonathan Clearwater balances his role as an officer of the Solar Legionnaires and his fraying family life. Meanwhile Oul’sor, a Warlord of the Combine, is resurrected to seek vengeance for the death of his son at Panzer’s hands. And near the center of power, Simmonne’s weak-willed and jaded brother Steven is tempted to corruption by the power of the Encephalon.

The characters must work together – or against one another – as the cold war between intergalactic superpowers threatens to turn hot, all under the eye of an entity older than the universe itself. If they fail, the Encephalon’s power will consume far more than the trillions of lives in the Hourglass Galaxy.